Upon returning to the US….

Sometimes I wish this blog was still mostly pseudonymous. Because I’d really like to vent about some things, but can’t.


My trip to the UK was fantastic. I got a lot of good research done at the BL both on my current R3 chapter project and on a different project. London was cool and spring-like and wonderful, and my flights were easy and only halfway full, so I got to spread out and sleep in both directions. I ate well (I love you, Tas Pide!), saw two excellent performances of Shakespeare at the Globe, saw stormtroopers and Darth Vader at Forbidden Planet, and even got in a day of leisure on the Bank Holiday.

Yesterday I rested and caught up on things, and then slipped in the kitchen and broke my nose, and tore up stuff in my knees. Actually, all of me hurts. The dogs were worried. I was in shock for about 20 minutes. But I did manage after a while to get up off the floor and put ice on my face, and then clean up and tape my nose. I have two spectacular black eyes.

But what had my fabulous husband done while I was away? He’d installed a grab bar and cleaned the jacuzzi tub, so it was ready and waiting for me after my trip. And that’s where I spent part of the evening. I’m so happy to be home.

One Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Lisa A. Kramer
    May 12, 2013 @ 08:43:02

    Welcome back and I’m sorry about your nose. If you want to vent, and want a few people to read your vent, you can always write a password protected post and share the password only with those you trust. I’ve done that in the past.


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