the imaginary classroom

My idea is to create and build an online classroom that can be accessed from the school as well as at home — this classroom would ideally function as a language arts class, but I also envision that students could use this class to bring up their performance in other classes. There are several measures in place:

  • Students will practice and learn Language Arts skills as outlined by the state’s standards.
  • Students will practice and learn material from other core classes (such as Mathematics, Science, and World History) through their participation in this project.
  • Students will practice real-world behaviors such as communication (writing, planning, reflection, research, production, and publication).
  • Studuents will adhere to a calendar.
  • Students will complete work in this class in an effort to complete work in other classes.

When I brought this idea to one of the administrators, she said the class would function better as an “Intervention,” rather than as a full-time Language Arts class. Labeling the class “intervention” gets rid of following the Language Arts standards and also refuses to step on the toes of the Technology courses offered by other teachers.

And then there are standards related to FTE (Full Time Enrollment)

  • This project will help bring students back into the classroom, by…
  • making the classroom available outside the school.
  • Students can participate in assignments even when they are not available to attend school.
  • Students “in seats” will complete assignments.
  • Students not in seats will complete assignments outside of class.
  • Students have the opportunity to turn in work outside of class.

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