more futuristic stuff

In thinking about the future I forgot to mention that the summer session will begin in about a month-and-a-half. We’ve already ammassed a team of teachers and students who’ll attend this summer program, which will funciton more like an educational camp than regular school, and we’re working to create curriculum for this program.

The coolest thing is that we’ve decided to align our classes so that students will always be working on one common goal across the curriculum. Science will bleed into World History will bleed into Math will bleed into Language arts, and we’l all be focuse on on unifying topic: Frontiers.

The Frontiers topic will allow us to work with students to discover what frontiers are, study specific frontiers that confront society, and how people surpass frontiers. One major segment of this will focus on space (as that will help align history, science, and math), and I’ll be working to help with anything that happens in those classes.

While it’s not science, but science fiction, I’ll try to get myself a classroom set of the book The City of Ember, and address frontiers as it’ll be addressed in other classes: The unknown and how we deal with it.

The overalll theme of the book deals with kids conquering hte unknown by eschewing the comfortable “facts” that have confined their society. It’s a “big ideas” book, and from my past experiences, I’ll assume the kids will love it. My major focus for this summer semester, beyond working with other classes on this topic is to get students to write a script based on the book, film themselves acting out the parts they’ve created, cutting it up into a product they agree with, and publishing it (I’m thinking DVD or YouTube). it’s a gigantic effort, but I think we might just be ableto pull it off, and if we do…then those kids will have crossed a frontier themselves.

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