Education : Agile Curriculum Development, A New Framework

Description : Many believe that the Agile methodology is utilized only in the field of Information Technology. Really, the influence of software engineering methodologies and practices over Instructional Systems Design has been ongoing since Computer Based Training. Realizing its potential, we have used the Agile methodology to build curriculum. Learn how we build and more quickly market high-quality training, build high-performance teams, use a better means of estimating work throughput and provide accountability to our curriculum development.

  • What is an Agile framework ?
  • Applying Agile to curriculum development
  • How Agile creates urgency, better planning and enhanced communications


Introduction (5 minutes)
The Myth of Work in the Federal Government (interactive 5 minutes)
What does Agile mean? (interactive 5 minutes)
Agile and Storytelling (interactive 5 minutes)
Roles in Agile (interactive 5 minutes)
Our Experience in Curriculum Development (10 minutes)
Discussion (interactive 25 minutes)

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