How to Compare PC Tablets

There are dozens of Windows based tablets on the market. If you are shopping for one it is important to pick out the best model of your money.

A PC tablet is similar to a laptop, only the main difference is the monitor is able to swivel and typically comes with a touch screen ability, allowing you to write directly on the screen with your finger (this is especially helpful for those individuals that work and design with their hands).

This allows you to display the information on the laptop to anyone in the area, without actually swinging the laptop around. PC tablets use the same hardware and operating systems, so comparing different tablets together only requires some knowledge about the hardware inside the specific computers.

PC Tablet Monitor

Check out how far the PC tablet’s monitor is able to swivel. Some only turn 180 degrees, while others allow you to close the monitor completely so the screen is facing up, over the keyboard. Having the monitor possess this option allows you to draw directly on the screen, without the keyboard getting in the way.

PC Tablet Touch Screen

Look for a touch screen interface. Many tablets allow you to touch the screen either with your fingers or with a provided stylus. This is helpful when creating artistic renditions on the tablet computer. Higher end tables allow you to use your fingers. This is done because the screen is heat sensitive from your fingertips, so other items, such as a pencil and other items is not going to adjust items or make selections.

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