How to Compare PC Tablets 2

PC Tablet RAM

Inspect the computer for the amount of RAM. The more RAM installed the more programs (and more powerful programs) it is able to run smoothly. Having more RAM is nice when using graphic design software or high end video games and video editing programming. Often times, PC tablets are used to control image editing software, so having a large amount of RAM is incredibly important.

PC Tablet Processor Speed

Check out the processor speed. This determines how fast the computer loads and accesses information, which runs hand and hand with the RAM. Having a fast processor reduces the speed it takes for the computer to boot and load programming software.

Find out the operating system running on the PC. Some still use Windows XP, while others have moved on to the more advanced Windows Vista and Windows 7. You may have discovered you like the older version better than the upgraded Windows Vista/7, in which case you should look for a PC with XP installed. However, newer programs released may not function correctly (or at all) on the older Windows operating systems.

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