Short annotations about librarians

We will not say anything negative about a colleague ever in a personnel document.

12. #11 is especially true if said document will be made public in any way.

13. #11 will not apply if for some reason the group has determined the individual has violated one of our most valued beliefs.

14. One of us has the Librarian Action Figure from Archie McPhee displayed in their office.

15. At least one other colleague has this figure displayed in the original box.

16. When there is an industry report/article/discussion about the future of the profession and our role in it, the default reaction is FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt).

17. When we give a professional presentation to colleagues, we are expected to provide at least one simile or metaphor using pop lyrics.

18. We use blogs and social networks as a way to communicate between meeting colleagues at conferences and other professional meetings.

19. Some of us read blogs instead of going to professional meetings.

20. We tend to be voracious readers who have little time on the job to actually read anything. (Creating forms and having meetings takes a lot of time.)

21. We buy a lot of stuff, and we tend to buy it one at a time or in small chunks. We do this to make sure each part is worth buying and having for users.

22. #21 doesn’t apply if we have a Big Deal from a publisher. In this case we buy/license a huge amount of stuff at once and spend little time analyzing the individual content.

23. We have progressed from buying content and owning it in perpetuity (or when we discard it) to renting information (usually electronic) and continuing to pay for it as we use it.

24. We like to talk about our pets. (Not just cats, by the way.)

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