The Caste System in School 4

It was mesmerizing, and I turned it into an assignment. Looks something like this :

  • Create a Caste System for school.

  • Must be five levels (like the Hindu Caste System).

    • Name each level, but do not include names of students.

    • Describe each level — what do these people look like?

    • Outline the rules and regulations for each level — can people move back and forth or up and down in your caste system?

    • 5 sentences for each level.

  • Include an introduction and a conclusion.

Originally, I had three different assignments for the students to complete (they got to choose one that interested them), but once this idea sprang up, I think it’s the real way to go. I’m going to trash the original stuff and let the students work on this, because it’ll be interesting to see how the kids see themselves, and how they see the school working.

Maybe I’ll find a way to make it work in a multigenre context (read : The Caste System in School 2) — so that kids can bring in evidence and articles and present their findings in a visual way but also keep in with the workings of an essay. They’ll have to find a way to introduce their caste, describe each level and then conclude, but to do it all with cards or items or poetry, etc.

And this is why kids constantly impress me — their understanding of something gets me excited and helps me find a new way for them to accomplish the tasks I’m required to teach. I wish school worked like this more often, because I like being excited about them, and I like them finding ways to connect themselves to the work we do in class.

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