STORY-TELLING and legends in primitive societies

he story-telling and myths seems to be at the front of our Internet civilisation. But Ethnological researchs tell us that primitive societies use to it very well !

Exemple, The Maya Indians of Southern Yucatan in century’s 19 :


 When the Indian has returned from a hunting or fishing expedition he delights in giving a most detailed account of everything he noticed in the course of the day, even if nothing out of the ordinary occured. He will give all the particulars regarding the game he saws, and relate in a most tedious manner how he succeeded


.-On the left bank of Rio Coco, near the
present settlement of Saulala, there used to live a subtribut of either
Miskito or Sumu.°° Having once killed a great number of wiswis birds, they become known by the latter name. They refused to pay tribute to the king, and for that reason the latter treated them cruelly, and had them whipped frequently.

One day, while they were out hunting, they killed a number of wild hogs (wart), and cut some withes of a variety called dar, in order to tie the legs of the animals together and secure the latter on their backs.
As soon as they had fastened the withes they could not see the pec-caries any longer, although they were able to smell and to feel them. One of them then untied the withes and immediately the animals
became visible again. This Indian then tied one of the withes round his own neck, where upon his companions could not see him any longer. They now realized that the dar withe has the property of rendering invisible anything tied with it.

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